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Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

MAC Training Solutions provides you with the Cert IV in Civil Construction an outstanding Nationally Recognised Unit of Competency which demonstrates your level of proficiency in your role. Self-paced learning which varies depending on experience and whether any RPLs have been applied. Request a call back for more.


This nationally accredited, trade qualification is the industry standard for those who work as mobile plant operators. By completing this course, students will have the most current industry qualification for operating equipment such as excavators, loaders, dozers, graders and rollers and develop a range of skills related to earthworks, road construction and general civil works.

There are two types of funding for this course in Queensland which are outlined in our funding information. With the expected boom in Civil Works over the next 10 years, plant operators with recent qualifications will be in great demand.

Students can complete this course through an apprenticeship through Queensland government funding and there are significant subsidies through industry bodies that recognise skills shortages in this area so that experienced operators can have their skills and experience recognised in a formal qualification.


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    Certificate III

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    There are no entry requirements for this qualification.


    Total number of units = 19 minimum


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Core Units of Competency

14 core units plus at least 5 elective units:

Unit Code Unit Title
RIIBEF201EPlan and organise work
RIICCM201ECarry out measurements and calculations
RIICCM202EIdentify, locate and protect underground services
RIICCM203ERead and interpret plans and job specifications
RIICCM205FCarry out manual excavation
RIICCM206ESupport plant operations
RIICCM207ESpread and compact materials manually
RIICCM208ECarry out basic levelling
RIICOM201ECommunicate in the workplace
RIISAM301EApply risk management process
RIISAM201EHandle resources and infrastructure materials and safely dispose of nontoxic materials
RIISAM203EUse hand and power tools
RIISAM204EOperate small plant and equipment
RIIWHS201EWork safely and follow WHS policies and procedures
RIIWMG203EDrain and dewater civil construction site


At least 5 elective units units, of which:

  • at least one (1) must be chosen from Group A
  • at least two (2) must be chosen from Group B
  • no more than two (2) may be chosen from Group C
  • no more than one (1) may be chosen from elsewhere within this training package, or from another endorsed training package, or from an accredited course.


Unit Code Unit Title
RIIMPO318FConduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
RIIMPO319EConduct backhoe/loader operations
RIIMPO320FConduct civil construction excavator operations
RIIMPO321FConduct civil construction wheeled front end loader operations
RIIMPO322EConduct civil construction tracked front end loader operations
RIIMPO323EConduct civil construction dozer operations
RIIMPO324FConduct civil construction grader operations
RIIMPO325EConduct civil construction scraper operations
RIIMPO337EConduct articulated haul truck operations
RIIMPO338EConduct rigid haul truck operations


Unit Code Unit Title
RIICRC309EConduct stabiliser operations
RIIHAN309FConduct telescopic materials handler operations
RIIMPO315EConduct tractor operations
RIIMPO316EConduct self propelled compactor operations
RIIMPO317FConduct roller operations
RIIMPO326EConduct civil construction water vehicle operations
RIIVEH304EConduct tip truck operations


Unit Code Unit Title
AHCSAW201Conduct erosion and sediment control activities
RIICCM209ECarry out concrete work
RIICCM210EInstall trench support
RIICCM211EConstruct and dismantle temporary fencing and gates
RIICRC201ERepair potholes
RIICRC208DLay pipes
RIIHAN308FLoad and unload plant
RIIRIS201EConduct local risk control
RIISAM205ECut, weld and bend materials


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